9 May 2014

it's very tropical

i lovelovelove photography. [and yes,i realize it even more when i don't get to shoot that much because of my camera-loss] but this one's a story with a happy ending - i got to shoot my lovely and very beautiful friend and classmate Anna. it was a rather cold day with even some snow but we managed to make the best out of it and i'm really satisfied with the result. hope you like it too(:


17 February 2014

86,843 moments together

6 years cherished together through hardships, tears, struggles, but mostly -  laughter, love, peaceful moments and crazy days. either surrounded by thousands of people or just the two of us, rarely was there ever any boredom or awkward silence. of course, as in any relationship, we had our ups and downs; we fell and we got up again. rain or sun, snow or +30 degrees, i rejoiced in every moment spent with you. yes, i have to admit, i had doubts at times when nothing seemed to work with you, i thought about giving up on you because i didn't think we had a future together. but i am glad i didn't give up but instead kept nurturing our relationship because it was the last 1.5 years of us being together that i most enjoyed, and those times i will keep reliving 'cause they were just so wonderful. no matter what the clock told me, i could always just drag you out and we could spend some time together, just the two of us, perhaps gazing at the beautiful sunset or watching stars. and not only were you a part of my life, but you also engaged in the lives of those so dear to me - my family, friends, or just people i find beautiful, inside and out.

after those years i can boldly say:

 i believe that together we knew how to bring the best out of people, how to make them feel beautiful, appreciated and loved 
[even if just a little bit and even if they were just a couple of people]

but still - i smile because i know you're not irreplaceable! (:

R.I.P. K100D Super.
[you really were as your manufacturer calls you - super]


12 February 2014

colors, anyone?

while the weather outside is pretty dull...


26 December 2013

'tis the season!

just a quick post to say hi [ hi! :) ], reflect on my Christmas spent with my family &to say bye because i'm leaving for Mission-Net congress in Offenburg, DE in a couple of hours - see you next year,my friends [unless i have some extra time there for my blog,but no promises...]. i encourage you to think and reflect on the past year - and decide what you're going to change next year. more family time maybe? less work or school and more things you love? maybe it's time for some new adventures? while you're wandering in your thoughts, don't forget what's the main thing.
talk to you soon,my dear reader!


19 December 2013

winter,come back!


2 December 2013

Greta knits

a couple of weeks ago i did a collaboration with Greta for her new business - Greta knits. it was a cold autumn day, the wind was blowing very hard but we managed to take advantage of the weather. it was a pleasure shooting her - i didn't have to tell her to be natural, she was, in fact, naturally natural [the English language..]. i love the outcome and so does she, so i guess we'll collaborate more in the future - we'll just have to see. (:

make sure you check out her page on Facebook and buy a hat, perhaps :)

“... everyone has to knit when they're here. ... But not every person has to use yarn.” 
Kate Jacobs


25 November 2013

oh deer

they're so beautiful, gracious and precious. even having some dirt on their antlers they remain majestic. and i met them. a lot of them. i just wish we lived a bit closer. i met them at a safari park MORE. and now i'm hoping to see them again one day. [because, you know, as much as i'd love to, i can't buy one and pretend he's my pet..] 

deer are pretty cool
i mean
i like them
and i wish they liked me
because then we'd hang out
just me and the deer
and we'd go canoeing
on the big grey meramec
and we would probably
at least once
because deer are bad
at canoeing

- a poem by fackeltanz -


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