26 December 2013

'tis the season!

just a quick post to say hi [ hi! :) ], reflect on my Christmas spent with my family &to say bye because i'm leaving for Mission-Net congress in Offenburg, DE in a couple of hours - see you next year,my friends [unless i have some extra time there for my blog,but no promises...]. i encourage you to think and reflect on the past year - and decide what you're going to change next year. more family time maybe? less work or school and more things you love? maybe it's time for some new adventures? while you're wandering in your thoughts, don't forget what's the main thing.
talk to you soon,my dear reader!


19 December 2013

winter,come back!


2 December 2013

Greta knits

a couple of weeks ago i did a collaboration with Greta for her new business - Greta knits. it was a cold autumn day, the wind was blowing very hard but we managed to take advantage of the weather. it was a pleasure shooting her - i didn't have to tell her to be natural, she was, in fact, naturally natural [the English language..]. i love the outcome and so does she, so i guess we'll collaborate more in the future - we'll just have to see. (:

make sure you check out her page on Facebook and buy a hat, perhaps :)

“... everyone has to knit when they're here. ... But not every person has to use yarn.” 
Kate Jacobs


25 November 2013

oh deer

they're so beautiful, gracious and precious. even having some dirt on their antlers they remain majestic. and i met them. a lot of them. i just wish we lived a bit closer. i met them at a safari park MORE. and now i'm hoping to see them again one day. [because, you know, as much as i'd love to, i can't buy one and pretend he's my pet..] 

deer are pretty cool
i mean
i like them
and i wish they liked me
because then we'd hang out
just me and the deer
and we'd go canoeing
on the big grey meramec
and we would probably
at least once
because deer are bad
at canoeing

- a poem by fackeltanz -


24 November 2013

ZH & R

in early October i shot those two totally amazing, adorable and funny people - Rūdis & Žaklīna. this was the third fall when we did a shoot together and every year i fall in love with them even more! i just adore the emotions they express and the fact that they're so natural. it's such a joy shooting them - we talk, we laugh, we joke, we share memories & smiles. there's never such thing as awkward silence - it's fun and i love them! so i'm very excited to share these photos with you, my dear reader(:

“we accept the love we think we deserve.” 

Stephen Chbosky


18 November 2013

goodbye, Romania!

in one week i went from living at a farm to a four-star hotel. drove the cheapest taxi's. ate the best meat ever cooked by Gabi's mum. went to the second biggest administrative building in the world. saw so many beautiful people. and too many homeless dogs. i laughed, cried, learnt a lot and *obviously* ate a lot - cakes, pastries, meat, vegetarian food, sweets, cookies, etc...

Romania, it was nice seeing you - you're very *interesting* & diverse - one minute you look like Paris, the next you feel like Riverside, and then - like Latvia. goodbye!

read about my adventures in Romania in these posts:


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