17 February 2014

86,843 moments together

6 years cherished together through hardships, tears, struggles, but mostly -  laughter, love, peaceful moments and crazy days. either surrounded by thousands of people or just the two of us, rarely was there ever any boredom or awkward silence. of course, as in any relationship, we had our ups and downs; we fell and we got up again. rain or sun, snow or +30 degrees, i rejoiced in every moment spent with you. yes, i have to admit, i had doubts at times when nothing seemed to work with you, i thought about giving up on you because i didn't think we had a future together. but i am glad i didn't give up but instead kept nurturing our relationship because it was the last 1.5 years of us being together that i most enjoyed, and those times i will keep reliving 'cause they were just so wonderful. no matter what the clock told me, i could always just drag you out and we could spend some time together, just the two of us, perhaps gazing at the beautiful sunset or watching stars. and not only were you a part of my life, but you also engaged in the lives of those so dear to me - my family, friends, or just people i find beautiful, inside and out.

after those years i can boldly say:

 i believe that together we knew how to bring the best out of people, how to make them feel beautiful, appreciated and loved 
[even if just a little bit and even if they were just a couple of people]

but still - i smile because i know you're not irreplaceable! (:

R.I.P. K100D Super.
[you really were as your manufacturer calls you - super]


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